Our Tap Room is located at 470 W. Canfield. Parking is available in a lot, denoted by signage off of Prentis Street which would bring you in our Green Alley entrance. A couple additional spaces can be found in front of the Tap Room off Canfield Street (also denoted by signage). We are sorry but Traffic Jam and Snug does not allow customers of MCBW to park in their lot. Additional parking is available on the street along Canfield (metered), Cass and Second Avenue. It should be noted - it is highly likely that you will be towed if you park in Traffic Jam's lot. Please utilize our spots, or the street.

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This Week in Art

DE’MONOMANIA with NAI SAMMON     July 23rd 2014 E.V.

“NAI SAMMONs art is an amalgam of the low trash of late 70’s bowling ally walls, metallic-shimmering schizoid geometry, teeth-chattering migraines enveloped in baroque elegance and shuddering synaptic spasms made in aerosol fumes and glass.  Razor-sharp line and angle-Meditative abstractions or wince inducing hypnotics, I’m holdin’.”


Motor City Brewing Works
470 W. Canfield, Detroit, MI


Wednesday, July 23, 2014
6-11 PM